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Welcome to 1CleanPlane

1CleanPlane is dedicated to providing the most outstanding mobile aircraft detailing service in the aviation industry. We utilize only the highest quality tools, products, and techniques specific to aviation. By placing an emphasis on uncompromised safety practices and constant employee training, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction - NO COMPROMISES.

Our Services include...

Quick Turn cleaning
Comprehensive interior/exterior between flight service.

Deluxe Interior/Exterior
Includes standard Quick Turn cleaning with the addition of carpet deep cleaning, flap well detailing, leather conditioning and fire retardant application.

Bright Work
3-step polishing of Bright Work using manufacturer recommended drum polishers.

Paint Polishing/Teflon Sealcoat
Paint polishing and Teflon sealant applied also done using our pneumatic drum polishers for unmatched results and extended paint life.

Janitorial Services
1CP provides hangar and terminal janitorial services to our customers. We provide comprehensive interior office, terminal, and/or hangar cleaning - vacuum, sweep, trash collection, bathroom cleansing, window washing, etc. This allows our customers to have just one cleaning company handle both their aircraft and interior office/hangar/terminal cleaning needs. One invoice to simplify things!

Click on Services for more details and other services we provide.

We are serious about safety around your aircraft. All 1CleanPlane employees are trained to work in and around aircraft. We have a comprehensive, written safety program and make it our No. 1 priority. Our employees are required to take this program annually.

Fixed Base Operators
We want to be your cleaning service/partner in taking care of your client's aircraft. Even if you have your own crews, we can provide additional or complementary services and skills that they may not. For example we offer our service 24 hours a day. Additionally, we perform Bright Work and Teflon Sealcoat with technicians specifically trained to apply these applications. And we can show you how you can continue to have a revenue stream from these services. Call us for more details on how we can make you better at caring for your clients aircraft needs.

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